Flood protection for business property

Reduce potential flood damage


By planning ahead you can dramatically reduce the impact that flooding may have on your business. For example, by storing valuable items on higher levels will reduce any likely losses at little or no cost. If your business property is in a high-risk flood area, consider investing in flood-protection products. This may help you to reduce your insurance costs. Insure your business against flooding.

There are many different types of flood protection products and your choice will depend on your level of flood risk and the potential costs of a flood to your business.

Minimise potential flood damage

There are two ways in which you can reduce the potential damage to your business property from flooding:

  • Try to prevent water entering the building by installing permanent or removable barriers to seal doors, windows and other openings - such as toilets and drains. Other products include air brick covers, non-return valves on drains and pipes and flood sacks.
  • Reduce the damage caused by water entering the building by raising electrical sockets, wiring and controls for ventilation systems, using lime-based plaster instead of gypsum and raising large equipment. Use flood resistant materials in the construction of new buildings or extensions to reduce the damage if flooding does occur.

Making your business more resistant and resilient can delay or prevent flood water from getting into the property, limit the damage and make cleaning up easier and faster. This will help minimise any potential disruption to your business from flooding.

Steps to take to minimise flood impact

There are also a number of low-cost steps you can take to minimise the impact of a flood. As a minimum, regularly back up computer data and store important records and information such as your insurance policy details in a safe place above flood level, preferably on an upper floor of the building.

For more information, download a checklist on preparing for flooding (DOC, 40K).

A good flood plan will also help you to react quickly. Prepare a business flood plan.

Finally, you should ensure that you have planned how to recover after a flood. See what to do after a flood.

Flood warning systems

Getting early warning of flooding can help you to reduce any potential flood damage and financial losses to your business. Call the Flooding Incident Line on Tel 0300 2000 100.