Protect your retail business from crime

Help and support to prevent retail crime


There are a number of organisations and initiatives that offer advice and support to help protect your retail business from crime.

Retail Crimewatch

Retail Crimewatch is an award winning information and image sharing exclusion order scheme between Belfast City Centre Management (BCCM), retailers and the
Police Service of Northern Ireland.

This crime reduction initiative allows retailers to serve civil exclusion orders on those found committing retail crime on their premises. The initiative is a partnership agreement between BCCM, the PSNI and Retail Crimewatch members.

Each month members receive images of individuals who have had previous convictions for shoplifting within Belfast City Centre. These individuals are banned from entering the premises of members. The scheme currently has over 400 members.

Policing and Community Safety Partnerships

The Policing and Community Safety Partnerships are local bodies made up of Councillors and independent people from each council area who work to make communities safer. They do this by focusing on the policing and community safety issues that matter most in that area. 

The Police Service of Northern Ireland

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) can deal with a crime when in happens, but it also provides advice to deter crime in your business. In a non-emergency situation you can contact the PSNI on Tel 101. For emergencies, where there is immediate danger, contact Tel 999. To report a crime anonymously contact Crimestoppers on Tel 0800 555 111.

Neighbourhood watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a crime prevention scheme that anyone can get involved in. As a retailer, taking part in your local Neighbourhood Watch can help protect your business and the community.

Retailers Against Crime

Retailers Against Crime (RAC) is UK-wide retail crime partnership aiming to detect and deter crime. RAC identify and provide intelligence on organised crime and share information with the police. The organisation helps its members in identifying suspects and deterring crimes, making them aware of particular risks and the tactics used by criminals. You can contact the Retailers Against Crime Northern Ireland office on Tel 01786 471451 or by emailing

Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online offers free expert advice on online safety. They provide information and online security advice for businesses.

  • Crimestoppers
    0800 555 111
  • PSNI non-emergency helpline
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