Protect your retail business from crime

Retail business security measures


You should assess the risk of crime in your business and take reasonable steps to reduce it. Measures should aim to make it more difficult to commit a crime, reduce the rewards for potential criminals, and increase the risk of the offender being caught. Ensure any action taken is realistic and cost effective.

Premises security

Taking steps to secure your retail premises can help protect against vandalism, burglary and other crimes. You should carry out a business security survey to assess your environment and reduce opportunities for crime. Measures you might take include alarm systems, security lighting or shutters. See secure your business premises

Read Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) guidance on how to protect your premises.

Money security

Reduce the risk of cash theft by reducing the amount of money you keep on premises. Help to prevent payment fraud by checking for counterfeit notes, using a secure chip and pin system and inspecting cheques carefully. See business security: cash.

Read further guidance from PSNI on how to protect your money.

Theft prevention

Measures to prevent theft may include regular stock checks, locked cabinets for high value items and CCTV. Check new employee references thoroughly and have procedures in place to prevent theft by staff. See business security: stock and theft prevention

Look out for suspicious behaviour to identify shoplifters. See top tips to reduce shoplifting.

See also PSNI guidance on how to protect your stock.

Cyber security

If you hold sensitive information digitally, in is important to manage the risks of a cyber-attack.  Common measures to keep your business safe online include strong passwords, firewalls and security software. As a retail business, you should ensure that your point-of-sale system is as secure as possible. If you sell online, you could be particularly at risk of online scams, malware and viruses.

See protect your business online and cyber security for business

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