Protect your retail business from crime

Top tips to reduce shoplifting


The risk of shoplifting in retail businesses is very difficult to remove. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help protect yourself and your business from thieves. Follow these tips to help reduce the risk of shoplifting: 

1. Make sure you have adequate staff on premises, and that they are alert and trained to spot potential offenders.

2. Use good store design as a deterrent. For example, customers must pass pay desk before they leave.

3. Make sure high-value products are properly secured or tagged, and place visible security measures/staff at exit points.

4. Give receipts for all purchases and keep an accurate record of your stock.

5. Use CCTV and other security measures to reduce areas where theft could take place.

6. Use visible signage around your premises to re-enforce security measures - eg 'shoplifters will be prosecuted'.

7. Lock high-value items in security cabinets and supervise access.

8. Supervise clothes fitting rooms and ensure toilets and similar areas do not have outside access.

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