Improving your retail business

  • Grow your retail business

    Find out how to improve your retail business, attract more customers and grow your sales through tactics like visual merchandising and online retail.

  • Visual merchandising for your retail business

    How to use visual merchandising to promote your retail business and products, attract customers and drive sales.

  • Retailing: 5 ways to improve your business

    Retailing moves fast - can you move faster to beat the competition and drive new sales?

  • Advertising

    Why every business should consider the possible benefits of advertising, how to get the most from it, types of advertising and the pros and cons of each.

  • Branding for your business

    What branding is, how to create and manage a brand and how it can help improve your business by communicating your values to stand out from competitors.

  • Northern Ireland business networks

    Find Northern Ireland business networks for local guidance, business opportunities, improvement and success

  • Negotiating supplier contracts

    Best practice tips and strategies to help you prepare for and conduct successful supplier contract negotiations.

  • Social media best practice for business

    Social media advice for businesses looking to set up, evaluate, manage or improve their social media campaigns across a range of channels.

  • Create an online shop

    The key issues to consider when creating an online shop and selling your products and services online, including the benefits and how to get started.