Managing your design projects

Managing creative employees


If you manage the creative process effectively and encourage other people to generate ideas and solve problems, you should see the rewards for your business.

Managing a relationship with your designers

It pays to build a strong relationship with the designers you're working with, and manage it in a way that encourages their creative processes but also makes sense for your business. For example, you could:

  • Create an environment that encourages creativity - designers may prefer working alone or in teams, so give them that choice.
  • Give designers structure in their work with a schedule, and make sure deadlines are clearly stated.
  • Make designers fully aware of the problem you need them to solve.
  • Give designers time to work - an atmosphere of crisis or constant deadlines may stifle the process.
  • Acknowledge designers' creative work. Give constructive feedback about what improvements would benefit the end user.
  • Remember designers may need time out of the office to find inspiration and to develop professionally.
  • Try to reward creative productivity rather than time spent at work.
  • Provide a 'lab' environment in which designers can keep trying out their latest idea.
  • Make sure that designers do not neglect the necessary but less creative aspects of the job, particularly the routine paperwork.
  • Make designers aware of your budget constraints but don't overload them with financial information that they don't need.
  • Involve designers right from the beginning - they may produce better results having been involved from the first brainstorming of ideas.

Involving designers right from the start of a new development project can help to resolve many other business challenges. Learn more about the choice between in-house or outsourced design.