Managing your design projects

Integrate design with other business processes


Design does not have to be a separate element of your development project. You should involve designers throughout the planning and launch of a new product or service:

  • Upstream - designers can contribute to the 'roadmap' of product development and brand values. They can also conduct user needs assessment and consult users at the concept stage.
  • Downstream - designers can help to ensure that the values and intentions defined by your business are not diluted as the new product or service is being produced. Remember that design helps to reinforce and protect your brand.

Bring designers and manufacturers together at an early stage

Incorporating designers in a multidisciplinary team will allow them to interact with other people involved in developing a new product or service. By bringing designers and manufacturers together, for example, you can identify potential problems early on in the development process.

Designers can learn if their ideas will work in commercial production, and if after-sales service and support for a product or service is practical.

Use design in brand development

Design is crucial in establishing and developing your business' brand. Designers work to communicate the values of your company to your customers. Involve designers when you plan your brand strategies, and keep them up-to-date on strategies, so that they can make sure that what they create is in tune with your business' aims and brand attributes.

From your brief, your designers will create brand guidelines - the 'rules' that govern how each aspect of the design should be used. For visual branding this may include instructions on typography, colours, sizing, etc. Sticking to these guidelines will ensure that you use your brand with consistency, and helps you to control where and how your company's brand and logos are used. See more on branding: the basics.