Providing work experience opportunities

Preparing for the work experience placement


Providing as much information as possible about the placement to the young person in advance gives them a clearer guide about what to expect and reduces their anxiety. 

Before starting, the placement supervisor should try to inform the student about the following:

  • where to go on their first day
  • who to report to
  • start and finish time
  • breaks
  • lunchtimes
  • canteen facilities or alternatives
  • dress code (smart/casual can be confusing, so you could provide a few examples)

Placement Plan

Placement plans provide both the supervisor and student with a placement structure

You may wish to consider incorporating the following into the placement plan:

  • welcome and overview of company
  • induction - Health and Safety, Fire Exits, confidentiality
  • provision of uniform/pass if required
  • tour including canteen and toilets
  • instruction in the safe use of any equipment including IT equipment
  • timetable for the week
  • what activities  the student will be doing
  • details of any projects they may have to complete
  • review of placement when completed

It would be beneficial both for you and the student to spend some time before the placement commences identifying different tasks, projects and activities that they can work on.