How to be an engaging manager

Recognise and reward employee performance


To help motivate employees you need to show genuine appreciation for good work and recognise the improvements they make. Here are some steps you could take:

  • thank you - saying thank you to staff for a job well done is a powerful way of recognising staff contribution and motivating them to keep performing to a high standard
  • celebrate success - use internal publications, an email to the team or a poster to celebrate an individual's success and to show employees their commitment and efforts are appreciated by you as the manager and the business as a whole
  • internal staff forum - if you have an intranet create a bulletin board or forum so employees can thank colleagues for their efforts and help with key issues
  • rewards - give spot rewards for specific contributions or tasks where employees have exceeded all expectations - for example - this could be a personal reward relevant to their interests outside work
  • award scheme - establish an award scheme so employees can nominate colleagues for their work and the way they have helped drive the business forward - see implement staff incentive schemes
  • social events - host social events when you achieve key milestones or targets to thank your team or teams for their work
  • personal celebrations - hold celebrations for employee's personal milestones or significant life events

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