Researching export markets

Research product and packaging changes for export


You may need to adjust your product or its packaging to comply with local laws and regulations. For example, there may be specific health and safety standards in your target country that differ from those in the UK. It is your responsibility to make sure you comply - and errors can be costly.

You may need to adjust your product or operational set-up to comply with local laws.

You should investigate:

  • local export legislation and technical regulations
  • certification and testing requirements
  • local standards affecting your existing and future products
  • product liability
  • quantities and units
  • patents and trade marks
  • staff qualifications

Find out about the Invest NI support available for exporters.

You may need detailed information on international aspects of standards, accreditation and measurement infrastructure, including more specific facts and figures for a number of countries. You should also be aware that your product may need an export licence, or be subject to import duty and sales tax outside the European Economic Area.

The British Standards Institute (BSI) international projects department can help you deal with technical barriers to trade including any regulatory issues you might face.

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