Researching export markets

Top tips for conducting export market research

By thoroughly researching your potential customers, competitors and the trading environment in your target overseas markets you will greatly increase your chance of success.

The following top tips will help you research your export markets before committing to entering them.

  1. Use online databases to investigate the demand for your products in new markets as well as if the market share is really there - read more about researching export markets online.
  2. Consider visiting the markets. Visiting your target market will allow you to gather specific information on the market for your product or service - read more about conducting in-market export research.
  3. Get help - Before you make your first move into an overseas market, it's essential that you get advice and support. find out about the available support for exporting.
  4. Confirm the reliability of your data with multiple sources
  5. Research the laws, legislations, taxes and trading standards in the countries you’re hoping to trade in - view a range of exporting country guides.