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Expert advice and support can help you make the most of the design in your business. It can help you increase sales, enhance your business' profile and make it more competitive.

Design for Europe

The Design for Europe website brings together advice and examples of good practice in design. It aims to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and skills to innovate through design in business, the public sector and policymaking.

The website contains:

  • articles and features on design policy and practice from across Europe
  • industry events and workshops announcements
  • case studies that demonstrate the impact of good design
  • learning materials and tools to help organisations use design more effectively
  • a collection of expert advice on how to implement design-led innovation

Visit Design for Europe.

Design Council

The Design Council website provides free practical advice on design. In addition to their best practice guidance, you can access networking opportunities and read case study examples of how others have used design in their business. Browse through Design Council's knowledge and resources for businesses.

Arts & Business Northern Ireland

Arts & Business Northern Ireland (NI) supports collaboration between business and the arts. As part of this work, they provide advice and consultancy support to businesses including help with brand development, community engagement and creative training for employees.

Find out more about Arts & Business NI.

Design support from Invest Northern Ireland

Invest NI offers a range of Design for Business programmes, including DesignAdvice, DesignActive and DesignForward. See more on design support in Northern Ireland.

Design support from

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