Get your tourism business quality graded

Tourism visitor experience quality grading scheme

Quality grading isn’t reserved just for accommodation businesses. 

Tourism businesses that offer a quality visitor experience in Northern Ireland can achieve a quality grading from Tourism NI by participating in their Quality Grading Scheme for Visitor Experiences.

Visitor experiences, amongst others, include:

  • museums
  • castles
  • historic houses
  • art venues
  • tours
  • wildlife experiences
  • garden centres

The core criteria against which visitors experiences are assessed are standard for all sectors, and include pre-arrival and arrival experiences. Specific criteria, such as catering, retail and toilets, are tailored to reflect differences between types of experiences. These criteria are only included in the assessment if they are a part of the overall experience.


To participate in the scheme, visitor attractions need to apply to Tourism NI for assessment. Assessment visits are carried out ‘incognito’, ie without prior notice. This allows the assessors to experience an authentic customer journey. 

During the visit, the assessor will look at the condition and standard of facilities and services provided, and then give feedback on the findings. They will also provide advice on other sources of business support. 

If your visitor experience achieves an award, Tourism NI will provide a plaque, a web logo, written report, award certificate and a range of other benefits.

The current annual subscription price for operators on Tourism NI’s Visitor Experience Quality Grading Scheme is £150.

See an example of a local visitor experience participating in the Tourism NI Quality Grading Scheme.