Types of advertising


Advertising can help your business reach your audience. There are many types. The kind of advertising you choose will depend on who your audience are. You should also consider your budget and marketing goals. Some types of advertising are better for brand awareness while others can help drive sales. 

Consider these common types of advertising and which is suitable for your business:

  • Print advertising - you can advertise your business in a range of print publications. This could allow you to reach a wide audience through a national newspaper or magazine. Print advertising can also be niche - eg local newspapers or trade publications. 
  • Online advertising - this can include advertising through websites, search engines, social media and video-on-demand. Online advertising can be targeted to very specific audiences. It can persuade your audience to take immediate action, eg make a purchase. It's easy to measure your return-on-investment. 
  • TV advertising - this is an expensive option but can have a strong emotional appeal. TV advertising reaches large audiences. It works well for brand awareness campaigns. 
  • Radio advertising - radio advertising can reach a local or national audience. Local options can be quite affordable.
  • Cinema advertising - the key benefit of cinema advertising is that you have a captive audience and can make a big impact. See TV, radio and cinema advertising.
  • Outdoor advertising - this can include advertising on billboards and buses. Outdoor advertising is useful for targeting local audiences and for brand awareness.