TV, radio and cinema advertising


Advertising through broadcast media and cinema can help you reach a wide audience. The nature of this media can allow you to use an emotional appeal.

Radio advertising

If advertising on local or national radio, you'll need to research:

  • the market
  • the type of audience
  • the extent of the coverage
  • the cost per listener 

Ask the local station for details. You should also check a radio station's audience figures.

Remember that most people listen to the radio for music or comment - often while doing other things. Your advert will rely on repetition to have any effect. Consider sponsoring certain features, such as the weather or travel news, to make your adverts stand out.

Production costs are usually low. Your local station will often produce your commercial for you, although if you have an advertising agency, they should do it.

TV advertising

TV advertising can be costly. There are a large number of Freeview, cable or satellite TV channels, and some may be able to offer low-budget advertising packages. Ask them for a breakdown of their viewing figures and audience profiles before you make a decision. Remember that even with national TV broadcasters you have the option to regionalise your advertising.

Most channels will be able to advise you about how it works and even create adverts for you. However, it is recommended that you seek specialist advice through an advertising agency that is fully aware of current legislation in all the markets that you plan to advertise in. They will have experience in creating strategic campaigns. Production costs of TV advertising can be high. It's important that you get the most from your spending. 

TV product placement is paying to have a product or service included or referred to. This provides further promotional opportunities. It also offers a new source of potential revenue for TV service providers and programme-makers.

Cinema advertising

Local cinema advertising offers a captive audience with a long dwell time for your advertisements. Ask the cinema for audience profiles and case studies of satisfied clients, as well as details of whether you can target certain films. You can often advertise in the foyer as well as on screen. It's not a good idea to make a business phone number or web address a crucial part of a cinema commercial. Audience members are unlikely to make a note of it.