Outdoor advertising


'Outdoor advertising' includes every outdoor medium from billboards to buses. Static adverts rely on location for effectiveness, so make sure you go and check the proposed sites before booking the space. For moving adverts, request information about the bus routes on which your adverts will travel. This allows you to assess the likely exposure the advert will get.

If you are using the campaign for increased brand awareness, you may select fewer adverts over a longer period. Short-term offer would require more sites over a shorter period.

The location of most outdoor advertising space means that a large but untargeted audience could potentially see it. Therefore, it will be even more important to use the copy and design of your advertisement to ensure you address your target audience.

The general rule is to keep it simple. Make it clear and don't rely on people noting a phone number or web address, unless it's easily memorable - drivers can't stop and note down details.

There are many types of outdoor advertising sites available including:

  • roadside - from phone kiosks to large billboards and banners
  • transport - railways, airports, inside and outside buses, taxis and lorries
  • retail - sites at shopping centres and supermarkets, trolleys, posters
  • non-traditional and ambient - shop signs, leisure centres, washrooms, tickets, petrol pumps, takeaway lids