Design for start-ups

Understanding different aspects of design


There are many aspects of design that are useful for businesses, in addition to the different design disciplines.

User-centred design

User-centred design is a proven business strategy. It is based on getting a detailed understanding of your products' or services' end-users and their needs and designing your product or service to meet those requirements. Read more on user-centred design.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design - also known as ecodesign, green or clean design - involves designing or redesigning products, services, processes or systems to avoid or repair damage to the environment, society and the economy. It has many business benefits, including:

  • cost savings
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • reduced liabilities for environmental damage
  • lower insurance premiums

See more on ecodesign in product and service development.

Product life cycle design

Product life cycle design is a feature of sustainable design. It is based on considering the whole life cycle of a product or service from the design stage, through production, sale, use and end of life. The aim is to make sure that your product or service:

  • meets its purpose in the most efficient way during production, sale and use
  • can be remanufactured, disassembled or recycled easily once it is no longer in use

Find out more about product life cycle and producing goods for manufacturing and reuse.

Work process design

This aims to find the best way to produce your goods and services, starting from your suppliers and inputs, through the production process and on to outputs and customers. These processes can then be tracked on a process flow chart or other system. It can improve work procedures and systems and reduce inefficiency and waste.

Supply chain design

This concentrates on the physical and geographical aspects of the supply chain, to make sure that it is based on the most efficient and sustainable sources of inputs for your business. See how to reduce the environmental impact of your supply chain.

Workplace design

Good architecture and design of work spaces can help your business be a better employer, increase efficiency and gain more customers.

To learn more about the role of design in business, see how design affects your business