Business values

Brief managers on business values


Managers have a key role to play in employee engagement - they are the crucial link between every business and its staff. You need to help your managers understand what the business values are, what they mean and how to put them into practice.

Practical ways to brief managers on business values

You could consider:

  • running a workshop for managers - which could be particularly useful for new managers
  • giving all managers a briefing pack that explains the business values, emphasising their importance and explains how employees are expected to deliver them
  • providing guidance to managers on how to handle any employees who are failing to demonstrate the core business values in practice through their everyday behaviour
  • making sure managers understand that they will be assessed on their own behaviour and the behaviour of their team using the core business values as a basis for the performance management process
  • providing mentors for new managers to help them learn how to influence the behaviour of their team - using mentoring to increase employee performance

For more information see how to be an engaging manager.