Business values

Embed business values


You could use recruitment and management systems to communicate your business values. This can help make your expectations clear from the moment staff join your business. It can also help assess whether employees are putting the business values into action through their work and interaction with colleagues and customers.

How to embed values in your business

For example, you could:

  • include clear information on and examples of your expectations of employees in induction materials
  • ensure that when you are recruiting staff that job descriptions and personal objectives align with business values and required behaviours
  • conduct separate business value reviews for employees and include 360-degree feedback
  • recognise and reward employees who demonstrate supportive behaviour and adhere to the business values
  • ensure any policies and practices for dealing with external organisations, such as suppliers, also live up to your organisation's values
  • treat leavers with respect so that other employees see that your business continues to value and support the people involved

Ask potential recruits about work culture

When you recruit new staff you could ask candidates about their opinions on work culture, for example:

  • What is your ideal working environment?
  • What stops you from giving your best?
  • Describe your ideal working day - what would it involve and what would you avoid?
  • What do you look for in a business and the way it operates?
  • What do you value about your working life at your current employer - what have you particularly enjoyed and what elements of its culture have disappointed you?