Make best use of standards

Business benefits of standards


There are many different technical, management or best practice standards you can choose to embrace in your business. Each performs a different role and comes with specific advantages for business. Standards can, for example:

  • differentiate your products, services and business
  • help you access new markets
  • increase efficiency and improve the quality of your products and services
  • ensure you comply with regulations
  • manage your business more effectively

If you are not sure what standards do or how they are used, see what is a standard.

Product and business differentiation

Customers often understand the importance of products that adhere to recognised standards. Using standards can:

  • increase the perceived value of products and services
  • build customer confidence with new clients

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Winning business

In some markets, purchasers use standards to show that suppliers are providing the correct products and services. They may stipulate standards as a requirement, against which they invite businesses to compete. In these markets, you may require to comply with an acknowledged standard before customers will buy from you.

Cost and time-effectiveness

Using the knowledge that is contained in standards can save time and money during a product's research and development. You can also reduce the risk of ending up with a substandard or unsuccessful product. If you, your suppliers and customers are all working to specified standards there will be fewer misunderstandings - saving time and money all around.

Legal compliance

Conforming to standards can help you comply with a wide range of legal obligations in areas such as product safety and environmental management.

Health and safety

Using standards in areas such as quality and health and safety management can help you manage your business more efficiently and reduce mistakes and problems. Find out how to set up a health and safety management system.

Exporting products

A growing number of standards are based on European and international standards, which enable easier access to export markets. See how to show your products meet EU legal requirements.

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