Expenses if you're self-employed

Car, van and travel expenses


You can claim allowable business expenses for:

  • vehicle insurance
  • repairs and servicing
  • fuel
  • parking
  • hire charges
  • vehicle licence fees
  • breakdown cover
  • train, bus, air and taxi fares
  • hotel rooms
  • meals on overnight business trips

You can't claim for:

  • non-business driving or travel costs
  • fines
  • travel between home and work

You may be able to calculate your car, van or motorcycle expenses using a flat rate (known as simplified expenses) for mileage instead of the actual costs of buying and running your vehicle.

Buying vehicles

If you use traditional accounting and buy a vehicle for your business, you can claim this as a capital allowance.

If you use cash basis accounting and buy a car for your business, claim this as a capital allowance as long as you're not using simplified expenses.

For all other types of vehicle, claim them as allowable expenses.