Marketing on a tight budget

Digital marketing on a budget


Digital marketing tactics that work even with a limited budget. Digital marketing can be highly targeted, meaning you won't waste budget by reaching people who aren't interested in your offering.

Email marketing

Traditional marketing methods - eg direct mail - are expensive and often wasteful. Email marketing can be a more cost effective alternative. E-newsletters are cheap - or free - to produce.

It's useful to include buying behaviour or demographic information in your email database. This means  you can accurately target your messages to specific and relevant groups.

Social media

You can promote your business using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use these channels to interact with your existing customers. They can also be used to advertise and attract new business.

While there are paid advertising options, publishing great content can help you reach your audience without investing money. See content marketing.

Read more about social media best practice for business.


If you're an expert in your field, think about sharing that expertise online. Offering advice or opinions on your own internet blog can be a fantastic way of promoting yourself and your business.

Blogs also tend to get high rankings from internet search engines. Having one can make it easier for potential customers to find your business. See search engine optimisation (SEO).