Marketing on a tight budget

How to stick to your marketing budget


Setting clear marketing goals will help keep your business focused on what you want to achieve from your marketing budget and can be a 'roadmap' if things go off-course.

Marketing aims 

The sorts of objectives you might want to consider setting for your business could include:

SMART objectives

Once you have decided on your general aims, you should set SMART objectives. SMART objectives are; specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound. Some examples include:

  • generate 40 new sales leads per month through pay-per-click advertising
  • increase brand recognition among 18-30-year-old males by 10% within six months

See your marketing objectives.

Stay within budget

By gaining insight into your industry and market, and developing specific objectives, you can help your business grow and stay on track throughout the year.

You can continually monitor your targets and ensure that budgets are being allocated to the right campaigns.

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