Marketing on a tight budget

Public relations on a budget


You don't need to blow your budget to keep your business in the public eye. Even a cash-strapped business can use public relations (PR) effectively and reap the benefits.

When setting out to promote your business, it's important to be clear about what you want to achieve. For example:

  • increased sales
  • increased visits to your website
  • more awareness of your product or service

Promote your business

Some of the more cost-effective ways to promote your business can be to:

  • make your business stand out - eg by offering a unique product or service, or by offering savings
  • join relevant professional or social groups so you can network with other people
  • tell people or write a press release if your business wins an award or contract
  • specialise - you will be more attractive to customers if you are an expert in what you do
  • promote yourself as an expert to local media, write an article or start a blog
  • lead a trend or solve a problem that you have spotted
  • volunteer to speak at meetings or seminars related to your field

PR ideas

If your budget allows, you could try these PR methods:

  • relaunch your website, shop or product/service
  • if you have a car or van, use vehicle branding or magnetic signs to advertise your business phone number or website
  • get involved in charity - offer to host an event on your premises and invite the media
  • get involved with the community - try fundraising or offer your product or service as a competition prize
  • use corporate social responsibility (CSR) to set your business apart from competitors  
  • survey your customers - get to know their needs and future wants

With a little time and creativity, you can create effective PR campaigns quickly and cheaply.