Product labelling and packaging

Packaging and labelling for export

If you are exporting goods, you need to ensure that your packaging and labelling suits the local market. For example:

  • you should ensure your packaging and labelling complies with the regulations of the country you are exporting to
  • you may need to translate your labelling into the local language or to mark the origin of your goods
  • you may need to follow local customs to make your goods acceptable to customers - eg in some countries packaging containing food products carries a picture of the produce inside

For more information see how to label and package goods being shipped out of the UK and food labelling and packaging in international trade.

Invest Northern Ireland can help you comply with local regulations.

Your packaging and labelling also needs to withstand the rigours of exporting, especially if the products are fragile or perishable. As well as your usual product packaging and labels, you need to think about the packaging and labelling you use to transport the goods, eg pallets, shrink wrapping and cartons.

Your products may be transported using several modes of transport before reaching their final destination. Your packaging needs to be suitable for each mode of transport and withstand repeated loading and unloading. Clear labelling helps to prevent goods becoming lost in transit or delayed at customs.

Your freight forwarding company may offer packaging services and be able to advise you on suitable packaging and labelling.