Product labelling and packaging

What you need to know about packaging and labelling

Any descriptions of goods you trade must be accurate - it's a criminal offence if they're not.

This applies to both the writing and the illustrations on your packaging and labelling. Among other things, you must not be misleading about:

  • quantity or size
  • composition
  • method of manufacture
  • place and date of manufacture
  • fitness for stated purpose
  • endorsements by people or organisations

The law applies to you if you sell goods to the public or manufacture goods.

Origin marking

Usually there is no legal requirement for goods to be marked with their place of origin - but you can do so if you wish.

However, if you do, the origin markings must be accurate.


It is an offence to give consumers a misleading pricing information about goods and services. The regulations apply to any method used to indicate a price, for example in a written notice or verbally.