Product labelling and packaging

Packaging - environmental considerations

By considering the environment at the design stage you can reduce the cost of your packaging and minimise its impact on the environment. You can also make your product more appealing to consumers who prefer recyclable packaging or packaging from renewable sources. 

You must ensure that the packaging you use complies with environmental regulations. The weight and volume of the packaging must be the minimum necessary, and the packaging must be recoverable by recycling, incineration or composting. There are also limits on the level of heavy metals that can be present in packaging. See packaging design and use - your environmental responsibilities.

You also have a duty of care for the waste you produce. The regulations require businesses to ensure that their waste is handled and disposed of or recycled safely. See duty of care for business waste.

Businesses with a turnover of over £2 million who handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging must also comply with the Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations. See packaging producer obligations - who they apply to.

For more detailed information on packaging and your environmental responsibilities see packaging and packaging waste - your environmental responsibilities.