Exporting to Great Britain

Transport, logistics and infrastructure in Great Britain


Although Northern Ireland and GB are on separate islands, there are quick and easy transport links between the two.

There are direct flights from Northern Ireland's three airports to major cities in GB, including many low cost fares. There are excellent shipping links from Belfast and other ports.

In fact, links to some parts of GB are faster and cheaper from Northern Ireland than from other parts of GB. Together with lower costs, this can give businesses based in Northern Ireland a real advantage.

Deliveries to most parts of GB are straightforward. It may suit you to organise deliveries yourself, or to use couriers or freight forwarding companies. You may want to consider a freight forwarder if you have special or complex shipping requirements: for example, for perishable goods. Read more about international transport and distribution.

It's worth remembering that there are excellent communication links across GB, including high-speed broadband internet access. Effective use of these is a very cost-effective way of staying in touch with customers. Depending on your product or service, you could also consider selling online. You can also find information on Invest NI ICT and eBusiness support services.

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