Exporting to Great Britain

Assess the opportunity for exporting to Great Britain


Businesses in Northern Ireland make significant sales of electrical, optical and transport equipment to GB customers. Food and drink is also a vibrant and successful sector in Northern Ireland. While many export markets impose restrictions on trade in these goods, they can be freely sold across GB.

As in Northern Ireland, technology is an important part of the rest of GB's economy and many businesses from Northern Ireland supply customers in areas such as IT, biomedicals and pharmaceuticals.

More broadly, whatever your product or service there's a good chance that it suits potential customers in other parts of GB. The key challenge is to identify the most promising targets.

Find information on key sectors in Scotland.

Find information on key sectors in Wales.

Building a range of customers across different regions of GB allows Northern Ireland businesses to increase sales, and can also insulate them against any temporary downturn in one particular local market.