Exporting to Great Britain

Market visits in Great Britain


Market visits are an important part of developing your understanding of customer requirements and building relationships. You can also use visits to make other useful contacts, such as local advisers and business partners, and to assess the response to your product.

Visiting customers in other parts of GB is generally straightforward, particularly in cities like London where there are direct flights from Belfast.

Visiting several companies in one trip can be more cost-effective. Alternatively, you might use trade fairs and exhibitions, either as a visitor or exhibitor, as an opportunity to meet a wide range of contacts.

Trade associations for your industry may organise events or be able to provide useful contact information. Find trade associations. Scottish Enterprise, the Welsh Department of Enterprise and Innovation and Networks may also organise events of interest to you or provide helpful information.

Thorough preparation is the key to making the most out of any market visit. You'll want to make sure you know what you are trying to achieve and have a clear marketing message. If you need any marketing materials or samples, organise them well in advance. Read more about making the most of trade shows and exhibitions.

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