Visual merchandising for your retail business

Visual merchandising: advantages of retail window displays


A window display is often the first impression a customer will get of a retail store. Attractive shop fronts can play a key role in driving footfall in towns and cities.

Simple techniques can make a visually striking display of your products to gain people's interest. Good lighting is of key importance especially if your store and surrounding streets open late. You could promote key product lines or important customer offers to gain attention. Think about opportunities for seasonal or event-themed dressing eg Christmas, Easter or major sporting events.

You should also ensure that window imagery corresponds with your online presence. Think about using relevant hashtags, handles and social media channel URLs to encourage customers to engage with you online too. See social media best practice for business.

You could also check with your local council or chamber of commerce who may run competitions to reward the best-dressed shop window during the year.

Advantages of retail window displays

Using window displays effectively can have many benefits for your retail business:

  • Instant information - Potential customers can get a good idea of what your store is about.
  • Value for money - A good display can cost money but it can pay back in increased sales. However, even a relatively inexpensive display can attract the eye of potential new customers if it is effective.
  • Attracting customers - Eye-catching and appealing window displays can be the difference between potential customers coming into your store to view more or walking past.
  • Building a positive image - An effective window display can provide a positive impression of your business and products.
  • Increase in brand awareness - A unique and individual display can help your store stand out from the rest of the retail businesses in the area.
  • Promotion of sales and special offers - A window display is an effective way to highlight promotional offers.
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