Staff feedback, ideas and forums

Advantages of seeking staff feedback and ideas


Encouraging your staff to voice their ideas and contribute to finding better ways of doing things can have a positive impact on your business performance.

Business advantages of staff feedback and ideas

The business benefits of encouraging regular staff feedback, opinions, and ideas are:

Better connectivity and awareness

You will be more aware and in touch with what is going on at every level of your business. You'll also be in a better position to gauge staff how staff feel at any given moment on what is and what isn't working within your business. You will also be better informed when making key decisions.

Creates an open and honest culture

By encouraging two-way communication with your staff you grow the trust within your business and sow the seeds for an open and honest culture to freely express opinions and ideas. This helps you to address challenges at an early stage, identify opportunities, and promote collaborative working.

Increases productivity

Encouraging staff to voice their opinions and ideas will increase employee engagement, motivation, and productivity. Staff will feel invested in your business and more determined to ensure its success.

Identifies business solutions

Seeking ideas for improvement from a wider section of your organisation can lead to finding solutions to business problems that may otherwise never have been identified.

Promotes collaborative working

Regular two-way communication in an open and honest working environment allows employees to express their concerns and ideas. This creates a workplace culture of collaboration and togetherness enabling teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Drives innovation

By encouraging feedback from staff from various backgrounds, working in different areas of your company you are more likely to get a diverse range of ideas that contribute to innovative solutions putting you in a better position to take advantage of business opportunities.

More valued and motivated staff

If staff feel that their opinions matter and their contribution to the business is essential then they will feel valued and motivated to do their very best for the organisation. Seeking staff feedback and ideas also helps to enhance employee recognition. This gives staff pride in their work and motivates them to be more productive.

Helps attract and retain staff

If staff feel valued that their contribution matters it encourages them to stay with the organisation helping to reduce staff turnover and the costs associated with replacing staff that resign. By developing a rich workplace culture where employees are valued and can contribute to key business decisions you will be able to attract the talent that your business needs to grow and thrive.

Supports career development

Employee feedback can help to identify opportunities for career progression and improvement. By regularly asking staff about job satisfaction and career goals employers can better understand the current needs of their employees and then provide the necessary support and guidance to help them progress in their careers.

Improves agility

Regular two-way communication in an open and honest culture develops staff that have the skills and resilience to adapt to change. This makes your business more agile and flexible to make the necessary adjustments to take advantage of opportunities to grow.

Reduces workplace conflict

Developing a culture where open and honest communication between all levels of staff gives employees the tools to address issues before they escalate. When staff don't feel valued or that they can't voice their opinions or ideas then resentment and workplace conflict can easily develop.