Staff feedback, ideas and forums

Use technology to improve employee voice


Every business has a range of online channels it uses to communicate with employees. These could be email, an intranet system, blogs, or social networking sites which can all help employees share views, knowledge, and ideas.

What technology is right for your business?

When deciding which technologies are right for your business to facilitate staff feedback, you could consider:

Asking staff

Ask your staff what would them easily communicate with management and colleagues.

Developing clear policies and guidelines

Create and communicate clear guidelines and policy on the use of technology including the accessing of social networking sites and use of language and addressing any misuse of them. See develop a social media policy.

Using collaborative systems

Use internal systems, external tools, collaboration sites or a combination of these mechanisms depending on your aims, technical capabilities and budget.

Involving management

Demonstrate your own support by participating in discussions too and encouraging colleagues to do the same.

Establishing early adopters

Identify and support early adopters who can start encouraging involvement across the rest of your business.

Recognising and rewarding staff

Celebrate ideas, feedback and improvements that come from collaboration through tools and online channels.