Staff feedback, ideas and forums

Use technology to improve employee voice

Every business has a range of online channels it uses to communicate with employees.

These could be email, an intranet system, blogs or social networking sites - which can all help employees share views, knowledge and ideas.

What technology is right for your business?

When deciding what is right for your business, you could consider:

  • asking your employees what would help them in their work
  • creating and communicating clear guidelines and policy on the use of technology - including the accessing of social networking sites and use of language - and addressing any misuse of them - develop a social media policy
  • using internal systems, external tools, collaboration sites or a combination of these mechanisms depending on your aims, technical capabilities and budget
  • demonstrating your own support by participating and encouraging colleagues to do the same
  • identifying and supporting early adopters who can start encouraging involvement across the rest of your business
  • celebrating ideas, feedback and improvements that come from collaboration through tools and channels