Staff feedback, ideas and forums

Evaluate staff feedback and ideas

When you receive ideas from employees try to evaluate them in a fair way. By setting up an ideas evaluation process you will add transparency for employees and build their confidence to submit ideas.

Establishing the ideas evaluation process

The evaluation process you need will depend on the size of your business and the amount of feedback you receive from staff. You might be able to manage the evaluation process personally.

If you have a larger business you may need a scheme administrator, who will manage the ideas evaluation process - including communications - and an evaluation team made up of representatives from across your business.

Feedback evaluation criteria

Some evaluation criteria you could use to help you assess employee ideas includes:

  • cost reduction
  • generating business income
  • increasing market share
  • improving customer service or relations
  • improving the working environment or work/life balance
  • enhancing the reputation of the business
  • improving decision making or reducing risk
  • improving the efficiency of working practices/processes

It's important that you define what these broad criteria mean to your specific business and that you brief your evaluation team accordingly.

If you ask for ideas on a particular area then you may need more specific evaluation criteria.

It's also important to make sure employees understand that suggestions for small changes are as welcome as big ideas. Sometimes small changes can have a major impact on the way the business works.

Acknowledge staff feedback

Communicate your evaluation of ideas and show the difference the ideas have made to your business.

Recognise and reward employees who suggest ideas that you consider implementing.