Staff feedback, ideas and forums

Communicate business information with staff


In order to encourage your staff to share opinions, ideas and feedback, your employees must be informed about your business, and have a clear understanding of what it does and what it wants to achieve.

You will only gain meaningful input and ideas from your staff if you effectively communicate key information on how to improve your business. This will help establish an open and honest workplace culture. How you do this will depend on your business.

How to effectively communicate with your staff

To keep your employees informed of what is going on in your business you could consider:

Regular performance updates

Providing regular perfromance updates through the channels you have available eg email, intranet, noticeboards, posters and digital screens around the workplace.

Regular face-to-face business updates

You could host regular meetings where you can share information and give employees the opportunity to ask questions. Consider hybrid meetings so that employees workimg remotely can take part too.

Briefing materials

Equip your managers with briefing materials and support that helps them put business perfromance information into context for their teams.

Regular discussion forums

You could run regular discussion forums with staff that focus on particular topics or issues of interest to your staff. These can be more infromal sessions that enable you get to know your staff beyond just a professional level.

Employee recognition events

You should reward and recognise the efforts of your staff. You could consider hosting one or two events a year to show your appreciation of employees that have gone the extra mile to deliver goals or targets or help colleagues in your business.