Grow a tourism business

Branding for tourism businesses


Your brand should communicate what is unique about your business. This is what will set you apart from competitors. Branding is particularly important for tourism businesses.  

Understand your customer

It is important to create a brand that is line with your customers' wants and needs. The first step is to define your target market. Consider which groups are your potential customers, for example:

  • young people
  • families
  • European visitors
  • Chinese visitors
  • golfers
  • food enthusiasts 

See Tourism NI's know your customer and market and segments resources.  

The next stage is to consider what your customers are looking for in a tourism experience. This goes beyond the basics of a bed for the night or a meal. Think about what they want to experience and take away from their trip. For example:

  • learning a new skill
  • relaxation
  • overcoming a challenge
  • self-discovery
  • engaging with local culture

Use market research and market reports to understand your customers' needs.

Your brand promise

Once you know what your customers are looking for, create a brand promise that fulfils that need. Make sure that your business offering is unique and adds value.  You should aim to create memorable experiences for visitors. For example you could aim to provide an authentic Northern Ireland food experience or the ultimate relaxation experience.

Everything in your business should help to communicate the brand promise - from your website to your menus and staff uniforms.

It is particularly important that your staff are aware of your brand promise and are committed to delivering it. See training for the tourism sector.