Organising events in Northern Ireland

Event organisation checklist


Forward planning is the key to organising a successful event. Use this checklist to keep on top of things.

Initial event planning stage

Carry out your initial planning at least four to six months before your event:

  • decide on your goals and objectives
  • begin designing your event brand
  • choose the date
  • decide and book the venue
  • get cost estimates from suppliers
  • decide who will be responsible for various aspects of organisation and hire staff and contractors
  • identify your speakers, entertainment, caterers and exhibitors
  • identify sponsors and partners

See plan and organise an event.

Finalise event details and start promotion

You should work out the finer details of your event three to four months ahead of it taking place. This includes:

  • liaising with speakers, entertainment, food stalls and exhibitors to arrange travel, accommodation, logistics, presentations and contracts
  • arranging event booking and ticketing if required
  • working out what licences and permits you might need - see regulations and licences for events
  • beginning to promote your event

Your promotion plan and timeline should lead right up to the day the event.

Final event checks

One week before your event, make your final preparations:

  • finalise the agenda
  • brief staff, contractors, entertainers and speakers on the final timings and arrangements
  • finalise numbers for seating, catering etc
  • liaise with the media, if this is part of your event promotion
  • confirm logistics such as site or venue set up, deliveries and travel arrangements

Post-event checklist

After your event there are a number of things you should do:

  • carry out any post-event PR
  • conduct a post-event survey - find out what visitors enjoyed and what could be improved
  • conduct your own evaluation, including an evaluation of the budget and expenditure