Organising events in Northern Ireland

Plan and organise an event


The key to running successful events involves advance planning and detailed organisation.

Set your objectives

The first part of planning your event is to decide what your goals and objectives are. You should ensure your objectives are SMART (specific, measurable, realistic and time). Read about setting your marketing objectives.

Plan the elements of your event

You will need to decide on aspects such as:

  • dates and times
  • site or venue
  • site design or venue set up
  • speakers
  • entertainment
  • catering
  • agenda
  • team - eg hired staff or contractors

Consider how these elements will help you achieve the objective of your event.

It's important to think about health and safety during the planning process. See events health and safety.


Ensure that your budget covers all your costs. Ask your suppliers and contractors when they will require payment. Selling tickets in advance of the event can help with cashflow. See business budgeting and cashflow management


If you are charging for your event or have limited capacity, consider whether you will allow visitors to book through an event registration or ticketing system. This could involve an online service or be built into your own website. You may choose to simply charge admission at the door.


You will need to think about promoting your event well in advance. See promote your event.