Organising events in Northern Ireland

Types of events


Events can range from large national and international events to smaller local events. These events all contribute to Northern Ireland's tourism offering.

Some examples of types of event include:

  • concerts
  • festivals
  • fairs
  • sporting competitions and events
  • conferences
  • exhibitions
  • trade shows
  • awards ceremonies
  • fan conventions
  • food events
  • music events
  • cultural events
  • art events
  • theatre performances
  • film screenings

International tourism events

International events are those that attract visitors from outside of Northern Ireland. These events highlight Northern Ireland as a tourism destination to global audience. This may include TV and media coverage. Major events can generate economic benefits to Northern Ireland and can leave a lasting legacy.

National tourism events

National events can showcase Northern Ireland's people, places and personality and provide authentic tourism experiences. These events can enhance the profile and appeal of the local area and attract visitors from Northern Ireland and beyond.