Organising events in Northern Ireland

Regulations and licences for events


There are a number of legal considerations to be aware of when organising events. You will need to comply with health and safety law and obtain licences for certain activities.

Entertainment licence

Certain types of entertainment require an indoor or outdoor entertainment licence from your local council. This may include:

  • music
  • theatrical performance
  • circus acts
  • boxing, wrestling or martial arts contests or displays
  • dancing
  • singing
  • film screening

Find more information about who requires an entertainment licence.

Find your local council in Northern Ireland.

Liquor licence

If alcohol will be sold at your event you will need to ensure that the venue holds a valid liquor licence. If your event is taking place away from a licensed premises, an occasional licence may be required.

See selling alcohol

Health and safety

When organising an event, health and safety should be a top priority. Your responsibilities include carrying out a risk assessment, ensuring the site or venue is suitable and managing traffic and crowds. See events health and safety.

Important organisations

The following organisations can give you advice on your responsibilities for running and managing events, you should contact: