Organising events in Northern Ireland

Promote your event


In order to ensure a good turnout, you will need to promote your event. Consider how you will raise awareness from the start of the planning process

Event branding

Branding can help your event stand out to potential visitors. Think about the following:

  • name - give your event a name that is memorable reflects what you are trying to achieve
  • tagline - come up with a tagline that effectively describes your event and makes it sound appealing
  • logo - create a logo you can use to represent your event
  • visual elements - using a particular unique colour palette and design can enhance your branding and look professional

Your branding should feature on your website and social media, on any advertising and at the event itself. A strong, recognisable brand will enhance your reputation and set your event apart from the competition.

See branding for your business

Your marketing strategy and plan

You will need to develop and strategy and plan to promote your event. This will include:

  • analysing the market and your positioning
  • deciding who your audience are and how to reach them
  • setting marketing objectives
  • planning your tactics
  • creating a plan and timeline for implementing your tactics
  • monitoring and evaluation

See create your marketing strategy and how to write a marketing plan.

Tactics you can consider are:

Promote a business event

If your event is for a business audience, such as a seminar, conference or trade show, you can promote it free on the Events Finder. Complete the online form to register and get your events listed.