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Game of Thrones tourism in Northern Ireland


Game of Thrones was filmed at Titanic studios in Belfast and at locations across Northern Ireland. The show is based on George R.R. Martin's medieval fantasy novel series 'a song of ice and fire'. It grew in popularity over eight seasons to become one of the biggest TV shows in world. 

Fans of the show are eager to visit filming locations and take part in Game of Thrones experiences. Tourism NI estimates that in 2016, 120,000 visitors to Northern Ireland were influenced by Game of Thrones. This had an estimated value of £30 million to the local economy. 

Game of Thrones filming locations

There are 26 locations that feature in the Game of Thrones, which are publicly accessible, and tourists can visit: 

  • Binveagh - Dothraki Grasslands 
  • Downhill Beach - Dragonstone
  • Portstewart Strand - Coast of Dorne 
  • The Dark Hedges - The Kingsroad 
  • Ballintoy - Lordsport Habour and Pyke 
  • Larrybane - The Stormlands and Nagga's Hill, Old Wyk 
  • Fairhead - Dragonstone Cliffs
  • Murlough bay - Slaver's Bay 
  • Above Murlough Bay - Renly's camp  
  • Cushendun Caves - Cove in the Stormlands
  • Galboy, Glens of Antrim - Runestone
  • Carnlough Habour - Braavos Canal
  • Cairncastle - The Neck and North of Winterfell
  • Shillanavogy Valley - Dothraki Sea 
  • Sallagh Braes - The Riverlands
  • Lough Neagh - The Summer Sea 
  • Toome Canal - Old Valyerian Canal 
  • Audley's Field - Rob Stark's Camp
  • Castle Ward - Winterfell 
  • Quintin Bay - Stokeworth 
  • River Quoile - Riverrun
  • Inch Abbey - Robb Stark's camp and Riverrun
  • Tollymore Forest - lands around Winterfell 
  • Leitrim Lodge - North of Winterfell 
  • Pollynagollum Cave - Hollow Hill 

Game of Thrones legacy and visitor services

There are a number of Game of Throne initiatives, led by Tourism Ireland, Screen NI and HBO, which aim to promote the region and present a long-term attraction for visitors. These include:

  • Doors of Thrones - When trees were felled by a storm at the popular landmark and Game of Thrones filming location the Dark Hedges, the wood was used to create ten ornate doors. Each of these doors represent different aspects of the show and are found at pubs near filming locations throughout Northern Ireland. Fans are encouraged to travel around the region, visiting each door. 
  • Visitor information - Key filming locations throughout Northern Ireland include visitor signs and information. Tourism NI have produced a filming location map. 
  • Game of Thrones webpage - Discover Northern Ireland offers a range of information about locations, tours and experiences for visitors. 
  • Game of Thrones App - This app allows visitors to find filming locations and information about each. 

Opportunities for businesses

Tourism and hospitality businesses can create Game of Thrones themed experiences and packages. For example: 

  • Tours of filming locations are an obvious opportunity. This could comprise of a detailed tour of one or two specific locations, or longer tours that span larger regions. 
  • Visitor experiences allow sightseers to feel connected to world of Game of Thrones and to the backdrop of Northern Ireland's filming locations. Consider immersive and interactive activities and experiences your business could offer to visitors. 
  • Food and drink features heavily in the show. Food producers and hospitality businesses can create products, menu items and events that reflect Westerosi cuisine. See food tourism opportunities.
  • Special events are a great way to attract Game of Thrones fans to your business. Consider exhibitions, fairs, banquets, meet and greets and screenings. See organising events in Northern Ireland
  • Your business could stock official Game of Thrones merchandise as souvenirs.