Screen tourism opportunities

Seven top tips for creating a screen tourism experience


Northern Ireland is an increasingly popular filming location for major TV productions and films. Businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector can leverage this opportunity by creating screen tourism experiences for visitors. 

Follow these best practice tips to make your screen tourism experience a success: 

1.    Do detailed research - Screen tourism visitors are often 'super fans' with very detailed knowledge about their favourite film or TV series. If you are offering themed experiences (eg location tours), you should be able to match their knowledge. It's even better if you can offer new trivia and 'behind the scenes' stories. 

2.    Create an immersive experience - Develop experiences that allows visitors to interact and immerse themselves in the world of their favourite TV show or film. Costumes, props and the chance to recreate a famous scene could help your guests feel involved. See creating tourism experiences

3.    Use social media - Social media is a great opportunity to promote your screen tourism experience. Find the online communities of fans and join the conversation. Learn from them what type of experience they would enjoy, which characters they love and how to create a memorable experience. Using interest targeting on social media advertising is ideal way to target your ads to the right audience. 

4.    Reach out to influencers - Consider working with influencers on social media to connect with your audience. See influencer marketing.

5.    Encourage user-generated content - Social media content created by your guests can be just as important as your own. Create photo opportunities that visitors will want to share on social media and encourage them to leave an online review if they have had a good time. See digital marketing for tourism businesses

6.    Collaborate with other businesses - Develop partnerships with other local businesses so you can recommend each other to guests. You could even create joint packages. For example, a tour company could develop relationships with local restaurants and accommodation providers to offer an inclusive trip.  

7.    Work with the production company - Keep yourself on the right side of intellectual property law by working in partnership with production companies to develop your experience.