Recruiting staff

Help with recruiting staff

Employment Service

If you need help with recruiting new staff, the Department for Communities' Employment Service may be able to assist with finding staff.

A team of highly experienced employer facing experts can discuss your recruitment needs and tailor a level of service to meet your requirements through a start to finish service. They will provide you with access to the services of a highly skilled single point of contact who will work with you to assist with all your recruitment needs.

Employers Online NI

In addition, Employers Online NI is a free service developed by the Northern Ireland Employment Service that allows you to advertise your jobs online. Employers Online NI - employers guide.

Read more on how to advertise a job using Employers Online NI service.

In addition, in the video below, find out everything you need to know about taking on staff from deciding if you need more staff to choosing the right person, the role they will have in the business and how to recruit them.