Assess your options for business growth

Top tips to prepare your business for growth


Expanding your business and achieving sustainable growth is an exciting prospect. However, it requires careful planning and preparation to ensure success. Here, we offer some practical tips to help you to optimise your business' potential and prepare for growth.

Assess your current performance

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your business is necessary for growth. Analysing your business' performance will give you valuable insight to start planning your growth strategically. It will also enable you to seize the right opportunities and address any shortcomings going forward. See how to measure performance in business.

Set clear goals and strategies

To prepare your business for growth, it is essential to outline clear goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Take time to define desired outcomes, identify target markets, choose the right growth strategy and establish actionable plans to reach your objectives.

Consider your resources

Growth uses up a lot of time, money and talent. Operational issues can hinder progress, so decide early on how you will finance growth. Look at processes to streamline operations for efficiency, and invest in talent to ensure that you have the right staff to support growth.

Embrace technology

Technology is critical to driving innovation and growth. Assess your current systems to identify areas where upgrades (such as new software, automation or data analytics) could make the greatest difference in terms of efficiencies, customer experience and decision-making. Find ways to use technology for better productivity in your business.

Explore strategic partnerships

Collaborating with the right partners can open doors to new markets, resources and expertise, and greater competitive advantage. To accelerate growth, seek partnerships that align with your growth plans, complement your offerings and combine complementary strengths for mutual benefit. Read more about business growth through partnerships.

Focus on customer experience

Take time to fully understand your customers' needs, preferences and pain points. Customer retention and loyalty are paramount to any scaling plans, so keep their satisfaction a priority as you prepare to grow. Tailor your products and manage your customer service to help drive growth and distinguish you from your competitors.

Stay agile

If you're planning to expand, but the market trends and customer preferences are changing rapidly, build strategic agility into your plans. Being agile while maintaining a growth mindset will help you overcome obstacles, build resilience and manage change.

Remember to stay proactive and strategic in your approach to preparing your business for growth. For more tips, see how to grow your business successfully.

Support to grow and scale

You can get free advice and guidance from your local council to help you grow your business and scale up operations. To request support, complete a short enquiry form or call the Go Succeed helpline on Tel 0800 027 0639.