Buy an existing business

Where to find a business to buy


There are several sources you can use to find details on businesses you may be interested in buying:

  • Many national and local newspapers carry adverts for businesses and business premises for sale.
  • Depending on what sector you're interested in, you could look in trade association journals, eg Retail Newsagent, British Baker and The Grocer.
  • Some magazines specialise in buying and selling. These sources tend to be specific to certain kinds of businesses.
  • Business brokers, transfer agents and corporate financiers all maintain lists of businesses for sale.
  • Prepare a CV and information sheet about yourself and what you are looking for, your skillset and your ability to fund. Once prepared, circulate this to agents so that they can assist in matching a business with your requirements. This also shows the agent and their client that you are efficient, organised and serious.
  • You can also use listings websites where you can search for businesses or place 'business wants' adverts, sometimes for free. You could also try searching on social media. 
  • You could also use a business transfer agent or business broker. See business transfer agents and business brokers.