Ensure your workers are eligible to work in the UK

Check a job applicant's entitlement to work in the UK

As an employer, you need to ensure that each prospective worker you plan to employ is eligible to work in the UK before their employment commences.

Tools to help you make the correct right to work check

You should make the necessary employment checks even if you think a potential worker has the right to work in the UK. The following GOV.UK tools will help you carry out the right checks:

You could face a civil penalty if you employ an illegal worker and haven’t carried out a correct right to work check.

Who is an employer?

An employer is defined as a person who employs an individual under a contract of employment.

This can be a contract of service or an apprenticeship. The contract can be expressed either orally or in writing. See the employment contract.

Important: The UK has left the EU and there is now a transition period until the end of 2020. This information is still current but could change. Any changes will be documented here. For more information, see Brexit support for employers.

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