Renting commercial property

Find commercial property to rent


There are a number of ways to search for appropriate business property to rent.

How to find a business property to rent

To begin your search for business property to rent you could consider:

  • using our commercial property finder tool
  • visiting a local estate agent in person
  • searching estate agent websites
  • touring your local area to see agents' letting boards outside the business property for let
  • property listings in local newspapers
  • your local council - through their Economic Development Unit
  • trade associations - if an existing member is retiring or selling up their business

Commercial agents

Another good way to find a suitable business property to rent is by appointing a commercial agent or commercial surveyor to search on your behalf. You can find a commercial surveyor near you.

Commercial agents and surveyors have expertise in the business property market in the area and can keep you up to date with any new commercial property that comes onto the market for rent. They will also send you detailed specifications of a suitable property, which can be very useful, particularly if you are limited by time.

You must pay a commission to a commercial agent for acting as an intermediary between you and the landlord or seller. You will need to fully brief the agent, manage the relationship well and maintain regular contact to ensure that they find you the most suitable property.

When employing an agent to act on your behalf, you should also draw up a contract, even if the relationship is informal. This will help to set out expectations and clarify your legal obligations to them from the start. See sell through a commercial agent.