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Industrial Derating


Manufacturing (Industrial Derating) Support Grant

Manufacturers with a Net Annual Value (NAV) between £15,001 and £51,000 who benefit from industrial derating will receive a £25,000 payment, subject to scheme eligibility in line with the associated Regulations.

Further information about the scheme is available in the Manufacturing (Industrial Derating) Support Grant Scheme Guidance (PDF, 795K).

Payments will be automatic, and ratepayers do not need to apply. Ratepayers who qualify for this grant will be informed by letter or email that a payment will be issued. Payments started to issue on 27 April and all payments will be issued by the first week in May.

Please note that queries about this grant scheme cannot be dealt with through the Land & Property Services Rating & Valuation Helpline on 0300 200 7801.

Businesses can contact Land & Property Services about the Manufacturing (Industrial Derating) Support Grant using this contact form.

Premises occupied and used for manufacturing purposes may qualify for industrial derating. If you would like your property to be considered as industrial for rating purposes, you should make an application to the District Valuer within Land & Property Services (LPS).

You can:

On receipt of this application, a valuer will visit the premises and consider the use of the premises and whether an entitlement to industrial derating should apply. Following this review, the District Valuer in LPS will issue a Certificate of Valuation showing the outcome of the review.

Appeal your rating valuation

If you are dissatisfied with the District Valuer's decision or you consider the valuation on your Certificate of Valuation to be incorrect, you can appeal this to the Commissioner of Valuation within 28 days. To appeal your valuation you must complete a CR20 valuation appeal form and return it to the Commissioner of Valuation.

Download the LPS CR20 valuation appeal form (PDF, 733K).

Further appeals

If you remain dissatisfied with the Commissioner's decision, you can appeal your rating valuation to the Lands Tribunal for Northern Ireland. You should be aware that you must still pay your business rates while you are waiting for a decision and if your appeal is successful LPS will refund any amount overpaid, along with interest, if applicable.

What if my property is vacant?

Vacant premises are liable for non-domestic vacant rates. There is an initial three-month period where non-domestic vacant rates will not be charged for those not entitled to a full exclusion.

In certain circumstances, vacant industrial properties may be excluded from non-domestic vacant rating. Entitlement is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Should I seek independent advice about the NAV?

During any discussion with us about your property's Net Annual Value (NAV), you do not need to have independent representation.

However, if you (or your company wish) to be represented or to seek independent advice, members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation (IRRV) are qualified and regulated by rules of professional conduct.

Before employing a rating adviser, you should check that they have:

  • the necessary knowledge and expertise
  • appropriate indemnity insurance

Be careful about paying consultants upfront either for their services or for them to lodge appeals on your behalf. If you are unsure, seek further guidance from the RICS or IRRV before entering into any contract.

If you have a query regarding your business rates you should contact Land & Property Services.

Please note: Most LPS services are available, but LPS Customer Information Centres remain closed until further notice. The Ordnance Survey helpline remains closed until further notice, however queries can be directed to Helplines for rating and valuation, housing benefit, rates relief and land registration are open.

Closures will be kept under regular review in line with further Government announcements. Further information on service updates, helpline numbers and reaching LPS by email are available on the LPS website.