Pricing information

Price comparison rules: competitors


If you make price comparisons with another trader's prices, you should take care that these don't mislead people by:

  • giving false or misleading information
  • leaving out important relevant details
  • presenting the information in a deceptive way

To comply with consumer protection regulations, you should make sure that:

  • the other trader's price that you quote is accurate and up to date
  • you show the other trader's name clearly and prominently
  • you make it clear when the other trader's price applied and in what circumstances
  • the other trader's price is for the same product as yours - if it's for a similar product, you'll need to explain the differences
  • you compare prices for goods that are supplied in the same quantity or the same state - or you explain any differences clearly
  • you compare prices for goods that are sold in the same area, unless it makes no difference because there's a national pricing policy in place
  • you don't make price promise claims about own-brand goods that aren't available from other retailers - for example, by offering to refund the difference in price to a customer if they can buy a certain product more cheaply somewhere else when that product is only available from you
  • you can support any 'best price' claims with evidence showing that you're offering a lower price than your competitors